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Đàn ông Tây Good Day,

I’m 34, Caucasian - Norwegian, and British, but mostly living in Spain, these days.

I am an educator, and business owner, and a single father of a five year old child, who lives in Spain, Basque Country.

I am wishing to help and become a donor, as I I know how wonderful it is to be a parent, and have a child.

Feel free to message me if you have serious interest.

I also don’t mind signing the birth certificate, so you can get the child my country passport (as it has a lot of advantages- free education, health care, travel easily, and financial). You can also then avail for yourself, and your partner or kids, an EU entry visa and residency card, which allows you to live in Norway, or Spain, or another European Union country, permanently. And also, later get citizenship, should you wish.