, create a profile in order to find a sperm donor who fits your criteria, to conceive a child in a natural way, quickly and for free, without co-parenting.
, create a profile in order to help women (single, lesbian, or with a sterile partner), to be pregnant, without co-parenting.

We will never share your information with third parties.
 Selling sperm is forbidden: donation must be free.OK, I understood
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 Men cannot contact first, so you must take the initiative.


No payment may be requested or proposed.

No co-parenting. Donors don't have any role nor responsibility in the life of the child.

Prohibited cases: fake picture, fake profile, disrespectful behavior, here only for sexual purposes.

A first meeting between the two partners must be organized so that the woman verifies the truth of the man profile.

Blood tests for sexually transmitted diseases must be exchanged between partners.