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I grew up and lived in California, USA for 25 years, and parents are Taiwanese.

I am a Taiwanese who spends a lot of time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for business. I prefer to stay within Ho Chi Minh City.

I enjoy traveling and learning foreign languages - English is my native language and I can speak Chinese proficiently, can speak a little German and learning Vietnamese, too. My career is international investment and I studied business in a California State University.

I am open-minded, quiet, and laid back and also very friendly and no history of STDs, drug use, or genetic illnesses, and was tested recently with no STDs and high sperm count and great fertility.

My family members have graduated from the world's best schools - my parents graduated from UC Berkeley and National Taiwan University, and I have siblings who are UC Berkeley and Stanford Medical school graduates.

I want to help a single woman, lesbian single or couple, or heterosexual couple unable to have children conceive.
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